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No more FLIES / Mosquitoes in the house!
Keep those Flying Pests outside where they belong!

Hi, This is a very simple solution to keeping your home fly free and your large Sliding Screen Doors closed all the time. If you have an army of kids, and especially at your parties and gatherings where everyone is in and out of your house through your patio sliding glass door and the door never seems to close. If you own horse property like I do or live in the country with all the flies (Horse & Deer Flies), mosquitoes, mice and other critters this is a big problem, Especially with the dogs and cats running in and out. And if your really in the country, the chickens, mice, goats and whatever!

How this came to be: I have four kids and every time we have a get together or birthday party, kids and adults are in and out, with the flies, mosquitoes and animals coming into the
house at leisure. This made me crazy! Especially after I had all the screens redone!

I looked like a jerk constantly screaming, please can you close the screen door. I had all the other doors pretty much covered with automatic closers.

  • Easy installation - Moms you can do this!                                                

  • economical

  • foolproof

  • install it yourself in just minutes

  • sit back and relax, no more yelling at the kids

  • no electrical

  • no motors

  • works 24/7

Large Sliding Screen Door Closer: This is a very simple device.  This feature is also very easy to disable when you need to leave the door open. This will last you for MANY years to come and is installed in minutes.

You will receive the hardware & easy instructions on how to install. All that you will need.

    Patent Pending                                        Patent Pending                                    Patent Pending

Standard Screen Doors: I have also go the simple standard screen doors covered. Tired of messing with the automatic screen door device? Can't figure out how to install  or adjust it, never works properly. Well I have the answer. I haven't invented the wheel here I have just taken what I have learned living on horse property out in the country with kids and put it to use here to help you! All with the simple tools of a drill and screw driver. A simple spring properly installed and you will have no more problems!

Some Fly facts: by Barb Ogg, Ph.D., Extension Educator
Quick Facts

The best way to prevent fly problems in a home is to exclude them by screening.  Most are mere nuisance problems

Blowflies or houseflies can be found in and around the home during summer. These flies develop in garbage, manure or on other animal materials. Large numbers of stable flies can emerge from mismanaged compost piles. Control involves sanitation of breeding sites. 

Cluster flies and flies are found during fall and winter, often in upper stories or attics. These larger flies use homes for shelter from the cold but do not reproduce inside the home. Best control includes caulking entry points and using fly swatters. If nothing is done, these flies will die on their own. Insecticide "bombs" can be used in attics and other rooms that can be isolated from the rest of the house.

Some Mosquito Facts:

Mosquito Bites: As mentioned before, only female mosquitoes bite. They are attracted by several things, including heat (infrared light), light, perspiration, body odor, lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The female lands on your skin and sticks her proboscis into you (the proboscis is very sharp and thin, so you may not feel it going in). Her saliva contains proteins (anticoagulants) that prevent your blood from clotting. She sucks your blood into her abdomen (about 5 micro liters per serving for an Aedes aegypti mosquito).

After she has bitten you, some saliva remains in the wound. The proteins from the saliva evoke an immune response from your body. The area swells (the bump around the bite area is called a wheal), and you itch, a response provoked by the saliva. Eventually, the swelling goes away, but the itch remains until your immune cells break down the saliva proteins.

To treat mosquito bites, you should wash them with mild soap and water. Try to avoid scratching the bite area, even though it itches. Some anti-itch medicines such as Calamine lotion or over-the-counter cortisone creams may relieve the itching. Typically, you do not need to seek medical attention (unless you feel dizzy or nauseated, which may indicate a severe allergic reaction to the bite).

Diseases: Mosquitoes can carry many types of diseases that are caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses. These diseases include:

Patent Pending

Above is a diagram of how the automatic screen door closer works, when child or person opens the door it pulls the adjustable weight up. When the individual lets go of the door, the weight automatically pulls the door shut, it operates on a gravity system.

Be sure and to keep your other screens in good repair and working order. Otherwise this will be somewhat of a futile fix, if the flying insects are coming in through another area.

Patent Pending


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